Miyuki Yoshizawa

49 books including illustrations, essays, and coloring books
Coloring Book “Kimagure Cats” Series (Cosmic Publishing)
“Picture diary techniques for adults that make dreams come true” (Asahi Shimbun Publishing), etc.
The original miscellaneous goods brand "CatChips" has released many products such as smartphone goods.
Solo exhibition at Ginza Itoya, etc., personality at Komae FM Komaraj


Miyuki Yoshizawa About knit goods

This is an original knitted item made with love by Miyuki Yoshizawa .

The design was painstakingly created after many discussions with Miyuki Yoshizawa .

Rather than printing the design, it is knitted.

You don't have to worry about the design peeling off or getting twisted like a T-shirt.
That's why it's a good that you can keep using for a long time .

Made of material that is comfortable to wear and feels good against the skin, and has a durable finish with a focus on quality.

Enjoy high quality knit goods that don't look cheap and have a premium feel.