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What is knitbase?

To the purchaser

This is a service that collects original knitted goods made with love by creators.

This design was painstakingly created after many discussions with the creators.

These goods are knitted instead of having designs printed on them.
You don't have to worry about the design peeling off or getting twisted like a T-shirt.
It's a good that you can continue to cherish for a long time .

The material is comfortable to wear and feels nice to the touch, and it has a durable finish with a focus on quality.

Enjoy high quality knit goods that don't look cheap and have a premium feel.

To creators

This is a service that allows you to create original knitted goods .
These are goods with original designs knitted instead of printed.
We are particular about quality, with a comfortable feel and feel, and a durable finish.

We aim to be a platform where creators can easily sell high-quality knitted goods with a premium feel.

Looking for creators to exhibit!

Would you like to sell original knit goods?
There are no listing costs, and you can list your items with no risk as they are completely made to order.
You can easily start selling knitwear without any need for order processing or delivery work!